Deep dark depths of the lonely night
this black blanket that threatens to
swallow us all, even those with
wings to fly like never before
we will exchange them for
earthly chains of desires
limiting our flights of fantasy
into the dark deep depths
of the lonely night


6 thoughts on “Night

  1. You are gone for one whole month??? What’s happening my friend?

    I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms from not reading your posts! haha…

    But I am glad you make your ghastly appearance ever so regularly at my blog. At least that’s a great consolation…. 🙂

    Tell me what’s been going on in your life.

  2. How I remember sleepless nights,
    when we would burn the midnight bright.
    So many facts to memorise, Father
    Time is not on our side.
    A million thoughts come flowing through, a million tomes to pore through.

    How far to go? I cannot say.
    How many more? I cannot tell.
    How many will journey this way?

    Long at last, I walketh through the storms.
    Long at last, I finish the course.

    * * * * *

    With that, I finished my last paper and all papers. It is without doubt, that I’m glad to be free of this ridiculous nonsense and free from the 12 years of education. But one can never be truly free, never emancipated from duties and responsibilities.

    Best of luck for your last papers =)

    P/S: If you find the above rather disconnected, pardon me…couldn’t contain the excitement of banishing these 2-dimensioned demons (forever) 😛

  3. May you write no more… For though my eyes do wish to gaze upon artistry, it comes only from a melancholic brew. Be happy my friend and light of heart.–>

  4. Should I too fall into a poetic phrase?
    Utter words in a such a way as to make some kind of noise.
    Would this make a difference to your soul?
    Would it be restless no more?

    The darkness embrasses you,
    Fly upon you fanciful wings while you can.
    For even this shall end some day.


  5. A poetic comment is more than what it deserves
    of soothing words that don’t look so
    it ruffles the surface yet pleases the heart
    perhaps it does after all put it to rest
    deep in the wings of sleep or death?

    Thank you for your beautiful comments Axe. Your weblog looks interesting. A pity the podcast is not working (for me at least).


  6. Hi there, Had you posted a comment on about the podcast not working it would have saved me from posting my 2nd one.LOL! At any rate, I have links on the right side of my blog to another podcast page that never has any problems. This odeo podcast I was just testing it out. It is not looking worth my time though.

    I am rather surprised that the podcast was what you were looking at though as I have alot of writings on my blog(and many more coming).

    Thanx for saying something about my podcast.It was helpful. I am open to linking our blogs since the content(writings) is similiar. Just let me know, Take care.


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