In response to Wanting’s comment I have written a rebuttal. For those who have not ventured into my Comments section, this is what she said (reproduced in its originality).“Hey guess what? Several of my voters have highlighted to me that the blogs under the “Most Creative Blog” category at Blogfest 2006 can be voted for UNLIMITED times. This means that the blogs currently in the running may already have several suspicious votes coming in, like 10 to 20 votes coming in at a time everytime the runner-up threatens to catch up.

I don’t know whether the organisers would notice this fatal flaw, but I think I would much rather be in a fair competition.

What say you? “

One almost feels that you are insinuating something against the very character of yours truly, no? And this irks me to end. Almost every word in the passage above has a negative connotation. Suspicious? Even to the extent of FATAL? That to me, is a hyperbole even the Italians would have been proud of.

Irked is a mild word in fact. An understatement even. But one shall remain calm since you are a lady and a fellow poet (budding?) as well.

I don’t eat my own kind.

Here then is my rebuttal to your comment. Yes, what you have read is not my rebuttal.

And since I haven’t written any poetry for some time, it might as well be in the Haiku form. Please do venture to the above post for the haiku as usual.


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