A Call To Arms!

On the pretext of sounding repetitive my dear readers, I urge you to cast a vote in favour of my humble tomes if you have not done so.For those not in the knowing, I am running in this NUS Blogfest for the Most Creative Blog in the tertiary institution. There are a plentiful number of strong contenders for this category and their support has been overwhelming, to say the least.

One does realise that the architecture (if I may be permit to use that word) of this tomes does not conform to the notion of “aesthetics”. In a gothic sense perhaps, but there are no fanciful structures here to speak of. Simple is how I run it.

One does realise too, that Poetry only caters to a niche audience, only those who are interested in it. And therefore, the support may not be as forthcoming as the others. For who in this materialistic country does appreciate poetry? Can they earn a living by it? Not here, it seems.

But in a sense, poetry is about aesthetics. Or rather it is “aesthetics” itself, the study of beauty. It highlights the aspects of life that people have taken for granted. It provokes you my dear reader, into more thoughts. It is like what Samuel Taylor Coleridge said,

I wish our clever young poets would remember my homely definitions of prose and poetry; that is, prose = words in their best order; – poetry = the best words in the best order.

Therefore, vote for me if you like poetry as well, my dear readers.Vote for me if you wish to see poetry winning the race. Though I don’t epitomise poetry, it’s the least I can do by representing it. 100 voters will also walk away with Asialinx Privilege Cards worth SGD$38 and California Fitness Vouchers

To cast a vote, there are 3 steps.



Register here >> Login here >> Vote here


Again, yours truly is under the category of Most Creative Blog. The name, needless to say is Whispers of A Blue Moon@http://tussand.blogspot.com

I hope to see you voting.




6 thoughts on “A Call To Arms!

  1. Hey guess what? Several of my voters have highlighted to me that the blogs under the “Most Creative Blog” category at Blogfest 2006 can be voted for UNLIMITED times. This means that the blogs currently in the running may already have several suspicious votes coming in, like 10 to 20 votes coming in at a time everytime the runner-up threatens to catch up.

    I don’t know whether the organisers would notice this fatal flaw, but I think I would much rather be in a fair competition.

    What say you?

  2. Dear “look what look?”,

    I find it curious that you are using a word that you don’t really know to describe me. Hence I can only conclude that you don’t really know what you are saying and your comment is rendered meaningless.

  3. hai~ren – Thanks for voting for me, I appreciate it. Read about the glitch that I reported days ago in my Rebuttal Haiku 🙂

    Sadiq – Thanks you for dropping by kind sir, you do have a nice blog as well. Very refreshing.

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