Drunk on drugs, the pervasive high
cutting through the numbness, lying under
the beautiful starlit night, terror lies
in those snarled fingers of twigs, hidden beneath
a dreamy fog, I stood shoulders hunched, a little weary
of the road that lies behind me, and perhaps
a little fearful of the one that lies in front too.

16 thoughts on “Wayward

  1. Very prophetic. I think you’ve reached that moral impasse that everyone eventually gets to before making the eternal decision – weather to tie a noose in the rope or merely use its tether to skip.

  2. Hi there Nick.

    When I first saw your profile it was awe-inspiring. A writer and a critic eh? Shoes that I am trying to wear at the moment.

    One does hope that I can do both ha.


  3. Thanks for stopping by my poetry blog. I’ve got three others up and running currently. If you like films or a good noir thriller check them out when you get the chance. I’ll certainly be checking out more of you.

    With regards to your question about making assumptions about the reader’s literary background – some of the pieces, it’s true, require some prior knowledge of the person I’m writing about – but I also try to do a lot of mood pieces, in which case you just read it, let it wash over you and go with the flow. At least…I hope!

  4. Hi aristocrat!

    I’m your fellow contender at Blogfest 2006 vying for the Most Creative Blog. I’m very impressed with your works. May I say that all along I have been playing with the idea of writing and putting my own poetry on my blog. Your site has really inspired me and it looks like I would be doing it soon!

  5. Nick – Yes I can see you have got 3 up and running. I was deliberating over which one to drop by and in the end chose the most obvious. The Poetry Blah Blah Blog hahaa. I like films too. I’m currently doing reviews on them 😉 Well, I shall let them wash over me and go with the flow then. And what comes to my mind is like a pebble. With the melting springs washing over this smooth little pebble.

    Wanting – Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comments as well. You have a superb site as well. What stopped you from joining us? Come on, hop in along for the wonderful ride haha..

    Pat Paulk – You do have a Harley-esque profile. Kinda cool man. Hahaha. Thanks for gracing my humble tomes. Two Magnapoets coming in on the same day. Wow.

    1:59 PM

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