Event Highlight

Event: Evening of Poetry and Music
Date: 25th Feb, 4pm (this Sat)
Venue: University Cultural Centre Dance Studio
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Miscellany: Photography/video-recording allowed, no food and drinks

What’s happening:
This revolves around the NUS Literary Society’s annual Creative Writing competition, where the prizes will be given out to the winners on that day. Additionally, there will be poetry readings and performances by Leeson, with an Open Mic session at the end. Cyril Wong our local poet, will also be there.

Sadly, I would not be able to make it to the event. But keep in mind next Tuesday’s poetry slam at Velvet Underground. I’ll see you then.

Yours sincerely,

Postscript: If I may suggest something, here is a map of the location to aid you in your travelling.


5 thoughts on “Event Highlight

  1. My…my…you seem to be extremely prolific in the literal world… Pardon for my prolonged absence. Went on a hiatus to fight a war and wrestle with inner demons of mine. We all need to handle our inner demons we unleash all the time.

    Perhaps you would like to pin up some pictures to detail your chronicles in life? A suggestion only…

    Blessed be.

  2. Me prolific? That is an overstatement Melancholic.

    Where have you BEEN? Your weblog is down and I thought you might have been kidnapped into the twilight zone FOREVER. Just kidding. I hope you conquer your demons soon, try not to leash them too hard. They tend to get rebellious that way.

    Blessed be? Pray tell, are you a Wiccan?

  3. Oh yes, I forgot to reply you on the pictures part. It seems everyone wants to see pictures nowadays ha! I will try my best melancholic. No guarantees since I do not like showing my ghastly face.

  4. Well the adage goes…’a picture tells a thousand words’….so the more pictures you put…the less there is to type =P

    my blogspace has fallen from grace (actually, not even graced in the first place)…i haven’t logged in for eons.

    to tell the truth…i was nearly ensnared in the perils of the Twilight Zone…indulged and plifered too much in excesses, I guess. There is a price to pay as I atone for my sins and as one wallows about in self-pity. For this, my weakness has been exposed…akin to the naked flesh Antonio bares in the face of Shylock’s sickle…and i am…vulnerable 😦 And as such…vanquish the inner demons I shall! For if left unchecked, it feeds on your vulnerability and weakens me from within. That being said…its all too easy…as the spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak.

    i believe in the timing and phases of the moon…that should suffice πŸ˜‰

  5. I will cede to your requests whenever I can though it means I have to arm myself with a camera more often now ha. I do get your point since I see some blogs doing that deed more often than not!

    Surely you underestimate yourself when it has not even been graced. I will await your return patiently. (so long as you do and don’t disappear!) May the Strength you need be with you.

    A Wiccan no doubt!

    P.S.: Do cast a vote for my tomes if you are able, melancholic. :p

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