On this they called the MRT
Everything is fastforwarded, this much I see
A Malay couple sitting right in front of me
Poking fun at each other, damn lovingly

I do also see a Chinese PR couple
Parked neatly next to me
It seems the Huanghe runs in between
For that which I cannot see
Since they sit so far apart, I presumably thought of it

All the way from Clementi to Tampines
The Malays continue poking, the Chinese keep stoning
From Clementi to Tampines, in just 40 minutes


For my dear foreign readers not of Singapore…

MRT = Mass Rapid Transit
Huanghe = Yellow River in China
Clementi = a small town in Singapore, west
Tampines – another small town in Singapore, east

2 thoughts on “The MRT

  1. It was just something I saw on the train and then, my thoughts just started wandering. Twas lucky I had my notebook and could scribble down whatever I thought of.


    Yours truly

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