8 Characteristics

My my, today was just splendid. Good news came to me from the Society, that there is an event soon. What joy there shall be there! An intellectual feast for the minority! And my other persona as a bartender had it good as well. Very good. Sometimes one does regret that this other alias of mine is only for the time being, liable to disappear into the thin air anytime. Much like how the morning sun tends to evaporates the gauzy mist hanging around.And there are more things that I have to tell you, but time is again, of a constraint here. And more about dream interpretation as well. But I shall just proceed to the second ‘tag’ of the week by Shy.

Herein are the details of the ‘tag’:

  1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
  2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
  3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
  4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Somehow or rather, I am still against revealing too much on this public dominion. ‘Tis just goes against the very grain of my nature. But one shall again, throw caution to the wind. Just for the fun of it, my bad angel tells me.1. She should be emotive, not to the point of wearing her emotions on the sleeves, but not exactly bottling everything inside her as well.

2. She has to be there for yours truly when needed. More importantly, she has to sense this herself. One should not have to go up and verbalize in her face, “I need your support now.”

3. One should be able to let down his guard completely in her presence. No need for pretense or anything perfect. Normalcy is much preferred. Very very much.

4. Criticisms are one thing. But when she cannot accept one for who he is, then bollocks! Cease or desist. The probablity of changes is always larger if she accepts him first, then perhaps he would be touched enough to change for her. BUT if one loves her enough, and she HIM, enough. She wants the moon? One will get her the moon, accompanied with a few stars as well.

5. She should be able to understand one’s interests. Given that he is a fellow with a weird and individualistic streak to boot, it is very highly unlikely. Never mind if she does not understand. She is most certainly forgiven. BUT to criticise something which she doesn’t understand, that surely takes the cake. One’s man meat is another man’s poison. Enough said.

6. A confidante. She should be one who one can confide in. Objectively. And subjectively if the matter is about him. Probably subjective. Not forgetting that one wishes to share her burdens as well, so yes it goes both ways. She should feel comfortable to confide in him too.

7. If she shares the same interests as yours truly, all the better.

8. Finally, chemistry. I almost thought I would never get to the end of the list. Realistically speaking, though looks are important, but relatively speaking, chemistry is the most important factor. The importance of looks does not even come close when spoken in the same breath as chemistry.

Finally, thy deed is completed. And for eight other mortals who shall suffer the same fate as me,

1. Elvina
2. Melis
3. Jnet
4. Jackal

I think four will be enough chaos for now.

Au revoir.

Yours truly

And on retrospect, perhaps this deed is not such a waste after all. One realizes that one has just gone through a self-realization process. A realization of what one desires. Very interesting.


9 thoughts on “8 Characteristics

  1. Hmm, whatever happened to your second tag? Too bad my blog subscription didn’t manage to capture your whole deleted post :p

    Mystique, welcome back! Where have you been all this while?

  2. “One will get her the moon, accompanied with a few stars as well.”

    You are a die hard romantic are you not, dear aristocrat? The poet in you shows up in every post – it’s almost impossible not to visualise you as the modern shakespeare – conjuring words of love and emotions and all things beautiful.

    Chemistry? Well, I was once told by a wise man that Chemistry last only for a while. Once that fizzles out, you need true love and RESPECT to sustain it. Any chemical reaction is temporary. The truth last forever though.

  3. Hello death, nice to meet you here *smiles gently*

    Dearest Elvina, I may or may not be a die-hard romantic, but I do know I am a Romantic at heart. Know thy difference? 😉 And your praise lifts me too high my dear, modern Shakespeare indeed! If only I am such hah, but alas I know my own limits and there are other powers far greater than mine. But thanks for your compliment, it was warming seeing that it comes from a fellow poet.

    Alas, I chose to disagree. The wise man you know cannot be very wise after all.

    Alright, I was just pulling your leg. But somehow, I am of the feeling that Chemistry can be made to last. Just like it takes two hands to clap (not counting one hand slapping the leg), so does Chemistry takes two to maintain. Different perceptions, if you don’t mind.

    Yours truly

  4. nice to have read your honesty about your perfect partner.. very well said and very honest.. well i remembered i just got tagged with that too.. or i think i just posted it without being taged. lol .. read here

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