Nature’s Call

A thousand blossoms laid aggrieved
At the foot of the giant cherry tree
Paying homage and heeding the call
Of Nature’s clarion and Winter’s scorn

With my eyes, out of my window
I see

Yet if I were to be more discerning
I would be able to see, a tiny spot of pink
Hanging there,
Defiant in the face of

11 thoughts on “Nature’s Call

  1. Oh that first part was just beautiful. I guess because I am
    a nature girl. I love the vision I had while reading that.

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my poem. Gave me
    something to think about.

  2. You are very much welcome Shy. As poets, we all live to criticise 😉 And yes all is well at the moment, though Time is harrying me left and right. Too many things to do, and too little time. Thanks for that sweet thought!

    Velvet: Hope, perhaps. Like that, just a tiny speck. And in the long long end, the blossom will just fade with the wind like everything else.

    Jackal: My thanks for dropping by. It is a wonder how you managed to stumble upon these tomes of mine. I shall endeavour to pore over your tomes as well.

  3. but that tiny spot of pink shall have a time to fully blossom. although as you said time shall conquer its own decay…

    btw, passed on a virus to you, do check on my blog for details. until then…

  4. Hi anonymous, I shall address your question soon. It raises a very interesting possibilty and I shall deconstruct my poem in the next few posts, either before or after the tag that Shy has given me.

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