Last Secret Garden

Hello my dear readers. My profuse thanks for all the comments that you have left here. How has everyone been doing? One does hope that you have had a splendid Christmas, what with the exchanging of presents? and the imbibing of the innocuous liquids they call alcohol. Are you going to do the same for New Year’s Eve? It will be much more rowdy and happening, I assure you. Somehow the word “happening” coming out here gives a very wrong feeling, but eh bien…

Now now, it seems like all I have been doing recently is apologising for the lack of posts. Sad, but true.

My alternative persona has fully wakened from its slumber and one’s afraid that there’s no stopping it. There has been too much things that need doing and too little things that needs thinking, thus the awakening of it. But slowly, as Winter’s Solstice passed and the Moon wanes, one can feel again the lessening of it. For once again, the great horn blows in the distant fields, calling out to me.

With the awakening of it, my muse has also fled the realm and with her, my thoughts. As if there was no Aristocrat in the first place, no Whispers of A Blue Moon. The pen that resides in my left hand lies there, restless. Yes, I’m a left-hander, a solitary soul among those right-handers. A solitary soul that canst find belonging in this world. And I have taken the first step into the unknown, the first step of the road less taken. It shall remain to see whether it will make all the difference to me as it did for Monsieur Frost.

And with the awakening of it, my secret garden has also vanished into thin air. My secret garden, the one where I retreat to when I’m feeling overwhelmed or when I need comfort. My harbour, my hotel solace so as to speak. Elvina will know what I am talking about.

A place where one lies back in comfort, listening to the rushing fall of water, the peal of the birds in the lush trees and the gentle wind caressing your face. An explosion of colours and serenity, more peaceful than you can ever imagine. Sometimes, just sometimes, I might see a little girl in frocks sitting on that garden swing, her pearlie whites flashing at me, swinging ever so slightly in the breeze. And I might just give her one of those idiotic grins, telling her she’s welcome. And it so sets the heart at peace with the world. It gives you the feeling of invincibilty, as if nothing can touch you here. No sadness, no happiness, no longing, no love, no hate.

Just peace.

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5 thoughts on “Last Secret Garden

  1. I never noticed you were a left-hander. Hahah.

    There was some kind of tranquility that followed after reading the words “Just peace.” Suddenly, I saw a resolution to everything.

    So I thought I’d share a quote:
    “When you realise how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”
    I forgot who’s it from, but it was nice seeing you again the other day. Here’s to a brand new year.
    Cheers. =D

  2. Thanks for dropping by Rhys. How are you going to notice it without me ever writing in front of you? *smiles

    A very beautiful quote, but I’m afraid if I laugh at the sky, a piece of it might just fall on me. *winks

    And a very happy new year to you too as well.

  3. Yes my friend….That’s why there is a Hotel Solace, for people like you and me to seek the ever elusive peace whenever we need it.

    Such is the beauty of life itself. There’s no way to grasp it and make time stand still for us. We continue to breathe amongst the living, sometimes knowing not why we are there for. We indulge in dreams that allow us to be free, and we see worlds that are beyond the one that we live in.

    There is beauty in vulnerability itself, for it gives us reasons to escape into solace and be still – for a moment.

    We may walk the world outside, but we dance often in the hidden world inside. A world where only we know – and is extremely familiar with.

    And for me, that’s good enough.

    Though the world knowest us not, we have no fear for we belong somewhere else.

  4. Hello Shy, that was a pretty fast reply 😉

    Well said, Elvina. I couldn’t have put it better myself. We see beyond the worlds we live in yes, perhaps a bit too well I think.

    Beauty in vulnerability, how nice that phrase sounds! How light and pleasant is the aftertaste of that utterance! Like the aftertaste of premium merlot, or the aftersmell of your freshly-showered loved one.

    Yes yes, we do belong to somewhere else. But ultimately, the question is where?

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