Epitaph Of Eros

HERE it begins
A purge of everything gained
Those foreign substances in his veins
All associated with pain
Out of the vessel they go
All the things that were once
Good, but the label there another story told
Good, but only for a few months
And herein after that, it expires
No matter, it wasn’t him they say
Follow what we say, and you will be free
Those naysayers preached

So he did,
Accordingly to what they say
And dug a very deep hole in a fit
To put in those alien objects treasured most

Up till now, this very day
There lies the hole
“Here lies Eros”
Says the stone
Dead from misadventure
Reads the epitaphios

There we go Elvina. The plan for Ops Purge. Comprehendo?

And on a side note,

Eros – Go figure my dear readers. Not someone I would care to elaborate.
Epitaphios – Greek for epitaph

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