A contrast of some things

Some things, no matter how hard you try to build a wall around them, it keeps coming back to you. One day after the third red wall is up, it just has to be torn down by someone again. One after another, it gets tiring…

Some things, no matter how meaningless or painful, always contained an ounce of delight or remembrance in them. That however meaningless, it was at least something to be treasured. Like the photo ages ago that dropped out (of all places) my calculator manual as I was reading up on linear regression.

Sometimes I am contented … sometimes I’m not.

Some things are just meant to be the way they are…

Like humanity is simply irritating

Tis time to begin Operation Purge again.

Old ways are definitely better.

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One thought on “A contrast of some things

  1. That’s how I feel sometimes. Is it an affliction for sentimental poets like us only? Haha….

    Well- do tell me more about Operation Purge. I probably need it as well.

    Humanity is not irritating. Not understanding it is.

    I have many walls too. And they are still up. Maybe tat’s why I am still trapped within myself.

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