A Thousand Blossoms

A silent scream out into the night
Vibrating through the fibre of the soul
Like a soul incarcerated I was amongst the human crowd
Yet alone I still felt, the unmistakable fear
And slowly the gentle touches of the wind cups my face
A welcome change in the humid night, if one is observant
One sees on the breeze dead petals of cherry blossoms
As they struggle to hold onto, the fabric of their existence which
Was torn violently from their beings
Restless now they are, in search of that final destination
Those lovely red petals, dancing violently in the wind
Caught in the warm currents. like a thousand shards slicing
Into my heart, piece by piece I see them fall,
Those petals lying, trampled by the passer-bys
Uncared and unspoken for
The beauty forgotten



I do not know what I am writing, just the spewing out of certain thoughts in my mind. Until I make sense of it, au revoir…

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