2004 to 2005. It has been a year.

A year since I was in this same position, poring over dusty tomes for my finals. Like everyone, concerned over how one would fare academically. And delaying the inevitable by putting my pen to torture. Thank you pen. Yes you. It has been hard on you.

A year (and a few months) since that eventful day where I made the decision to pound the dusty road alone. Selfishness demanded me to do so. To stop delaying the inevitable. Perhaps? I was in the wrong, and seriously I did not deserve what I was getting. Life had been too good to me. I am glad that you are happier now. Thank you.

A year (and three months) since the role as soldier was halted prematurely. It had been a wonderful two years and six months. A lot of bonds were made, and of course, a few were broken due to injustices. More importantly, these bonds were carried over into the present. Thank you.

A year (and three months) since I started work at this cosy little place. Though it was hectic and my time was turned upside down, I have learnt a lot since. About people, about service and about many other things that one could not have learn in school. And even if one could, would you really? If you have a choice to start at the lowest pecking order and the middle, where would choose? Thank you, my surrogate family. I wasn’t able to give my all, but I certainly gave my best where it was concerned. It has been a wonderful time. Thank you.

A year (and 28 days) since I first started penning. And probably the same for those who had stuck with me from the very beginning. I congratulate you for your persistence even though this is not your run of the mill blog. And thank you to you readers for gracing my tomes with your presence. Technology has truly made the borders of our countries permeable such that I have readers from all over the globe to share my thoughts with. And of course, vice versa. And if it isn’t too much to ask for, I hope for you readers to at least sign my guestbook, so that I can put a name to every reader.

Thank you.

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