She Sings

She sings and it was
Like light pouring out
Into the dark voids
One was filled with hope
As the sight falls upon her
A truly eternal beauty
Of fairest skin and palest eyes
And her dark locks
Tender tendrils over her shoulders


Once I saw her I was smitten,
Knocked deep down and senseless
My soul took leave of its vessel and
I yearn to see her again and again
Day after day I went to the same place
Where the birds sing and the goats wandered


But it seems I would never
See her again

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2 thoughts on “She Sings

  1. I’m particularly attracted to this piece. Perhaps because singing is my love. There is a verse in the bible, “Sing, O barren, You who have not borne.” A song in times of emptiness brings a light that breakthroughs the darkness.

    I can’t fully appreciate your last santza though… why would you not see her again?

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