Some Where

He walked along the street with a heavy heart. Occasionally, as he passed under the street lamps, one could see that his eyes were glistening. The stronger he made himself out to be, the harder it was to keep out the masquerade. The stronger he became, the more isolated he was.

Why did things have to turn out this way? He had to step outside for a smoke. Staying in the same room was too energy-consuming for him. Facing her everytime, seeing those things that could have been, those should have beens. There was too much pain.

It was wrong. A place that brought happy memories to him now brings him pain. Absolutely wrong.

Why couldn’t she let him go? Must she hold on to him so hard? Is it so difficult to let him go? He just want to lead his own life, his own way now. Wanted to walk out of the front door, never to come home again.

Wanted to walk out, walk to where someone would welcome him with open arms and a big hug. Somewhere with a cheery fire burning that’s waiting to warm him up. Somewhere that he would feel loved.

Somewhere out there…

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One thought on “Some Where

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