Things are picking up pace, and life is getting more and more hectic. That is all well and good, for I will have no other time to think on things that I should not be thinking of.

The road is straightening out for me again, or is it just my perception? Is it because I have taken off that particular set of glasses that seemed to cast the straight road into a crooked one? Was I so engaged in self-pity?

Sometimes, a person drives himself so deep into the ground and gets so melancholic that he is unable to appreciate the beauty of the world around him. He moans and groans about this and that, which is all well and true. But remember what came out last of the box that Pandora opened?


For she said that if Pandora don’t let her out, all those nasty things that escaped would wreck havoc on the earth, and she must be there to temper the equation, to reinstate a balance so as to speak.

Hope, it is the stuff of miracles. For where there is no hope, how can there be a miracle?

Though some might say it is best not to hope, for then you will have no expectations and you will not fall and be hurt. But, there is always another saying.

“Reach for the moon and you will fall among the stars.”

I hope this is the fall that they are talking about.

Yours always

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