I have been through a rough patch recently, perhaps the roughest ever to be in this span of twenty over years. I do not suppose that I am the most unfortunate person out there in this vast world since I know of many more people who were dealt a worse stack of cards.

But I wish things hadn’t turn out this way. I guess I can’t pin the blame on anyone, and if there is anyone to blame, it is just yours truly, for being so entrenched in Romanticism. Yes I do suppose I am a hopeless Romantic, I should have just wished to be born in the era of Romanticism and not in this Age of Realism.

But, since it happened already, so be it. The matter is already beyond my hands and there is no closure to be had at the moment. The sand still trickles downwards no matter what happens. Perhaps I wouldn’t write anymore. It just brings back painful memories. Or if I would, it would never again be for anyone.

Someone once said, “Why do you keep on writing about unhappy things?” The answer probably goes like:

“Because happiness is transient. And the only constant is sadness.”

Just like your friends. You may never know when they will backstab you, but with regards to your enemies, you will always know how they hold you in their regard. A very pessimistic view? Yes, I do agree it’s pessimistic but doesn’t it ring true? Unfortunate things do happen most of the time if you care to take a close look at the people around you.

But again, I’ll stop being a pessimist for once.

And be an optimist.

It’s time to loosen the sails and set off for the unknown. For I smell change in the winds of Fate, and it beckons like a siren to me, calling me, tempting me. Many are the years before me, and I shall seek to discover the treasures that Life holds covered in her bosom…

Heave ho!

Yours truly

P.S: A very big thanks to everyone who has stood by my side one way or another. All my bosom buddies and all those who know me through these tomes of mine. You have given me the support that I needed at that darkest point in my life and I deeply appreciate it. Ah Suah, thank you for including me in your prayers. I am touched.

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