Sorry my dear readers for the long absence…I was busy trying to settle some personal issues of mine. May God give me the strength needed…


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  1. Heya, I’ve heard about it from Soo Li (if it is what I think you are referring to in this post). Sorry to hear about it. But don’t worry, there are friends who are still there for you. Like all of us! 🙂 Move on yeah? Sometimes, fate is just so… twisted. Chin up my friend. Haven’t seen you in school yet! Hope you have been well. And thankies for the gift from Thailand! (though I have yet to see it. Heh)
    Take care and smile smile!
    It is always darkest before dawn.

  2. Hey, whatever it is, be strong… and cheer up.

    Just like this saying,
    “When fate hands us a lemon, let’s try to make lemonade”

    Shall pray for you…–>

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