Sad news my dear readers.

I realised that I have lost my folder of personal rantings and what-nots. All my writings that spanned over a year, all gone. It not only includes those posted on my tomes, but those written for a certain someone as well. Those personal letters that I sent out.

I have no idea what happened. Perhaps I accidentally deleted it one day. Or perhaps not. But one thing for sure is that it’s gone. Wiped out from the face of my C Drive.

Treausre those hard copies you have, that certain someone.

Those are the only ones left now…

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5 thoughts on “loss

  1. oh dear,
    i truly empathise.

    maybe this is a sign.

    hinting that you should shed the old, embrace the new?

    hahah, sprouting nonsense.
    never mind me.


  2. Lol…tsk tsk…

    What to do? I’ll just have to pray that Blogger doesn’t crash on me and delete all my files

    Of course I don’t mind 😉 Welcome to sprout nonsense anytime …

  3. Gah, that’s bad. You really should install a backup removable drive and put all the mumbo-jumbo inside. Works well for people who have too many writings and too vast an imagination. =)

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