Questions and Answers

I was dressed in military fatigues. I looked around me, and it was as if I was in a military installation of sorts.

“What business would I have here?” I wondered. I don’t even remember making my way here. It was puzzling.

“Stop right there!”

I looked to where the shouts originated from, and realised that there were soldiers chasing after me. Though I was clad in the same fatigues as them, the look of hostility on their faces did not hide their intentions on as to what they would do to me if I was caught. Probably a military interrogation. I could hear the barking of hounds over the distance, and decided that it was time to say goodbye to them. How I was going to do that, I had no idea. But I just ran and ran, with the sole purpose of putting as much distance between me and my pursuers.

Time seemed to have no meaning here for suddenly, I found myself in an airport. The only indication that it was an airport was all the touristy figures around carrying luggage. I stood out like a sore thumb in my fatigues.

“How did I make my way here?” I had no clue. There was a bigger plan that I do not know about. The powers that be perhaps. I started to run again. It was more and more like the movies that I had seen. A guy being pursued by all authorities possible. This was a hopeless situation. In the blink of an eye, I found myself cornered. With nowhere to run.

“This sucks,” I thought. “Isn’t there a better way to die?” And like a fairytale come true, I suddenly found myself in the comforts of my own bed, sweating profusely. Or maybe not. I can’t recall that clearly. What I could remember was the smell of fear. My own fear.

It may sound like a cliched storybook ending, but I have had this dream for more than once. And this was what really happened. Sometimes twice in a row I believe. What was the significance behind it? What was I running from?

Questions and more questions with no answers in sight…

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