Now onto my first meme. My apologies to Tony for not completing your meme, but it was really out of theme. I’ll return the compliments to you, no worries on that score.

Rules: Remove the blog at #1 from the following list and bump everyone up one place; add your blog’s name in the fifth spot, link to each of the other’s blogs.

1.The Babbling Brooke
2.Cannot Be Trusted
3.Every Passing Moment
5.Whispers of A Blue Moon: Tomes OF Tears

Now what I am supposed to tell my dear readers are the top five things I missed about my childhood… For one, I can’t even think of any. My childhood memories are perhaps a blur, a blur of pictures set in the past, best left forgotten. A locked chest left up in the attic, all but forgotten.

A problem that one faces when answering this meme is: when does a childhood start and when does it end? Does it start at the age of 5 and ends at the age of 12? What if one’s childhood only starts at 12? Perhaps, what really defines childhood is the naviete of the person in question. The naviete and the innocence, of believing only in good and not evil. All children are innocent, don’t you think so?

Forever believing and trusting in whatever the adults say. Forever believing and trusting in their childhood superheroes.

“When will they come to save the world?”

“Soon, my dear child. They’ll come when you start being a good girl and go to bed on time.”

“Alright mum.”

So it would seem that different people might have different periods of childhood after all.

A period of naviete and innocence.

A period of carefree days.

A period where everything would always turn out well.

Alright, I see eyebrows turning up. When am I going to start, you say. Right about now?

1. I am going to get brickbats for this. But I miss the innocence of childhood. Yes, the beautiful innocence. No worries. No need to think about the future. No need to worry about so many things that needs worrying. Just lots of playing. Play, eat, sleep and play again. A happy-go-lucky mancub I was, but then again, who wasn’t?

2. My street soccer sessions. I play as the goalkeep and usually it would be after my school ends. In our pristine white uniforms, we would play with our hearts out, laughing and making jibes at one another. And in the end, the white would end up grey with dirt, with holes at the knees of our pants. And going home would mean getting a earful again. Weekly earful every Friday…

3. Playing Lego with my siblings. That was the ultimate playtime for me, a theraeuptic session of Lego with my brother. A session of imagination again, of active visualization. I would always imagined I was a particular figure in the scene. A soldier defending a castle against pirate invasion. A policeman in a police station solving a crime. An astronaut fighting against the bad guys. Perhaps that was where I derive my active imagination for. No wonder I have such a soft spot for imagery.

4. Something that’s always in my mind would be the first and only celebration of my birthday with all my relatives. I have a total of 40 over relatives, so it was quite a big celebration. Complete with games and dress-up. I remembered I was dressed in some newspapers for a costume competition. Wondered who made the effort to plan all those things back then when I was just a little kid. That’s the only celebration of my birthday.

5. Now I can’t think of anymore, can you let me off Mystique? This meme is already taking off some of the mystery of my tomes haha…

Alright alright, one last one. My primary school friends. I wonder where they all are now. Are they well? I lost contact with every single one of them. Those happy and carefree days we had, running around the whole school, playing all the stupid games. The girls making fun of the guys and the guys making fun of the girls. Helluva fun.

Finally, I am done. And now for the most fun part: passing this meme to five people. Tony, I promise you, didn’t I? You are the top on my list 🙂

1.Nonchalant Theory
2.A Glimpse of Humanity
4.Look What Look
5.War Against Sexy Space Sluts

And then, I felt like adding one more…

6.Lim Buey Tor

One looks forward to reading your memes…

Yours truly

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3 thoughts on “Reminscing

  1. Enjoyed reading your meme. Did you realize how what we remember from childhood we remember forever? No matter how old we get, we will always remember it. It’s permanent. Thanks for doing this. Now I know you a little better (I think). 😀

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