a man sheds tears

Crying. It is seen as a social stigma to cry, especially for the male humanoid species. Because crying is seen as weak. Because the society’s perception is that revealing emotions, being emotional, is weak.

But a man cries too. A man sheds tears too. After all, he is no different. The only difference is just that they chose to encase themselves in shells, a hard covering for a soft center. And just how deep can the soft center be found, it depends on different individuals.

And there can only be ONE reason for a man to shed tears. Only one. For his loved ones. A man only sheds tears for his loved ones. No other reason is there to.

Quite recently, I have found such foreign objects in the windows of my soul as well. More often than not.

I see Hope, almost gone. I see the candle by the window, its light flickering, almost gone under the strong wind blowing in through the windows, the curtains billowing.

I see Despair. The shadows casted across the walls, dancing a slow dance. And if I look carefully enough, I see someone crouched in the corner, his eyes filled with despair, his shoulders heaving.

I see Weariness. The shoulders drooped, no longer upright as it was. The eyes, they have lost their gleam.

And yet, somehow, I see something. Something in him tells him to fight on. Against all odds. Ignore the pain.

Easier said than done.

Pom lak kun.

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3 thoughts on “a man sheds tears

  1. Reminds me of the quote: “The bravest sight in the world is to see a great man struggling against adversity.”
    Fight on and triumph.
    (Did you find your heart?:))

  2. And what if one fights on but only to realise in the end that it wsa all for naught Mystique? Triumph, it sounds foreign to me.

    No, my heart, I’m afraid, is lost to me forever. However hard I try to find, it will never be back.

  3. I believe that putting up a great fight is a triump in itself.

    Aww. I hope wherever it is, it’s taken care of really well.

    (Abt the meme, I have mentioned the rules in mine. Do check it out or you can do it however you like. I am looking forward to reading it.)

    I think I’m turning into an insomniac. Off to bed. Good Night.

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