The Road

A road afar
Just beyond the touches
Of the horizon
At times
Long and sharp,
Full of potholes no less
At othertimes
Smooth and easy
Just a long road
With a good view
A road that I chose
To walk with her
Her laughter and smiles
Making the road
Seems less sharp and long
Her company
Making the smooth and easy times
Feel like heaven
Though how’evr short it was
She, a miraculous angel indeed!

P.S.: Dear readers, today I will be leaving for a short hiatus… Which should probably be one week or so? For this period of time, I won’t be writing, as per expected. It seems like a trip which one should look forward to, but I am somewhat apprehensive about this.

This trip means quite a lot to me, perhaps that is the reason why…

Au revoir

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4 thoughts on “The Road

  1. Nice description of the road of life. I wonder what trip is this, it’s making me curious since you mentioned it means quite a lot to you.:) I wish you all the best for it, and hope you have a wonderful time.

  2. indeed, we are all treading our own roads, building them or distroying them.. its just a matter of finding the same road that somebody have yet to dwell with you.

    and yes, my poem no crossroads have that same chilling reminder.

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