The fear of failure. As far as possible, predominant in Asians. Particularly of the Generation X.

The fear of failure. Is that why we mortals do not dare to hope for too much? Is that why we do not dare to spread our wings and soar? Why not be Icarus for a moment? Icarus, but not as reckless or brainless as him.

Or was I Icarus for a moment? Perhaps. That moment seemed so long ago. But I shall have my Persephone to release me from the gates of Hell, so that I can walk in the world of the living. No matter.

One mustn’t fear failure.

One must learn to have hope.

To have dreams.

Even if God deals you a bad stack of cards, do not fear the odds. Hope is no doubt a double-edged sword, for it deals pain as well as happiness. But only either or.

I saw the chains of fear tying my heart down to the ground, preventing me from flying up high. And so I released those cumbersome chains. To reach my destination.

If ever I should fall, it would be a worthy fall indeed.


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