Lessons Learnt

In this short life of eighty or so years, there are many things that Man can achieve. Man has travelled to the moon, conducted space exploration and so many other milestones that advances Mankind.

However, in the beginning, not all Man was that capable. When mortals first take their breath in the world, they don’t even have the capacity to store and record much information at all, unlike the otherkind that I know of. Those who are born with the capacity to think and process information immediately, to fight for their own survival within minutes of being born.

That is why, mortals have this repairment process called lessons. Where they are taught the techniques of the world and so on and so forth. When classroom lessons fail, life experiences take over. In a sense, both are still lessons, but life experiences are much more painful and more bitter medicine to swallow.

And so, here I stand now (or knelt, it doesn’t really matter), humbled and broken. For many a great lessons have been taught to me, through the painful method of life experiences no less. I have learnt from the past, but that was not enough it seems. Not enough capabilities to deal with the present.

And so, He seen fit to deal me another hand of cards, and this time, it was much more painful. Much much more….

Much like a child lost his twenty cents to buy a pack of sweets…

Much like striving to reach heaven only to find that you went in the wrong direction…

Much like having your wings torn off…

More lessons, more pain, and hence, one grows up faster. I begin to see things in a totally different light, in a more expansive view than the one of mortals…

In a bigger arena, the big picture slowly appears right before my sight…

It almost feels as if my vision has expanded for now I could see beyond the horizons. Even the smallest detail could not escape my eye…

But what use do I have for such capabilities? It does aid in decision-making however, and the one thing I have learnt through all these lessons, however painful is that….

In love, in the most magnanimous version of love, one only seeks the other to be happy. Even if one is hurt in the process, one does not deal back hurt to the one he loves.

For she must be happy and not sad.

For no tears should come to her eyes.

For her lips should not be upturned.

For at the age of sixty, there should be no frown lines.

For at the age of sixty, there should be no regrets for both.

And above all, her happiness should be above the concern of your own.

That is what I have learnt.

And she is who I love.

Your servant

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