Mortality. It is always very frightening to you humans, isn’t it? The fear of the unknown, the fear of losing everything that you have and perhaps the fear of being judged by another entity. When a mortal passes from this world into the next, he may think that he has everything to lose and nothing to gain. Perhaps not all mortals, from what my experience tells me. For there are some out there who yearns to pass from this world to be with their God.

Whatever it is, I have learnt that people fear Death one way or another. As for me, curiously I don’t. I don’t fear Death that is. I am not afraid to lose anything. When it comes, it will come, to claim those close to my bosom. Am I afraid of losing them? I have no idea at all. None whatsover. I don’t yearn to be put to the test as well.

But for myself, I have accepted Death. No longer do I do things to avoid it. At times, one might even be seen as embracing it. Some call it recklessness or stupidity. Call it whatever you desire then. I am not bothered at all by your thoughts. Not anymore. Perhaps Death’s embrace would even be seen as a welcome relief compared to the pain of life. But I’ll never yield to that path willingly. It is a coward’s path, and a coward I am not.

What am I rambling about? Maybe it’s all gibberish. In any case, I am worn out and to sleep I shall turn to.

Your servant

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