Drunken Stupor

How are you today my reader? Fine I hope? I’m currenty satiated with bourbon and coke, so pardon me if I sound a bit off to you. My mind is not in the right place at the moment. Where is it at? Oh, that I really have no idea, wandering off somewhere in the lost planes I think. It likes to travel to such places, where there are no worries. Nobody at all. What one can see is just the neverending horizons of grassy land, where every blow of the wind sends the long grass tumbling again. How it can tumble, I do not know ha… Try asking the grass maybe. Sometimes they talk to me you know? It’s really more of whisperings, like the wind delving through the treetops over yonder, but you have to prick your ears to be able to listen to them.

I can see the incredulous look on your face. Ha, I could have told you more, but then you wouldn’t have believed me anyway? Who does nowadays? Trust is now a rare commodity in the market, with exorbitant prices to boot…

Trust, mighty hard to find nowadays…

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