She was a very vivacious girl, petite and cute in all sort of ways. She had ravenshot hair that was the the talk of the town. With all these qualities, she had no lack of suitors. Every guy in town was queuing up at her door, waiting for their chances to ask her out. But she wasn’t that sort of girl. Although her looks might tell people otherwise, in fact, deep down inside, she was actually very sweet and demure. As a cliche goes, looks might be deceiving.

And though she had no lack of suitors, she was already very happy with her current boyfriend. She had no more regrets, what mattered was that they were happy together. Who cares about what the world thinks? If she had to please everyone, well, that would be a difficult job. There were just so many people wanting to be pleased. She thougt, what mattered most was that she was happy to be doing what she was doing, or rather being with him. Nothing else mattered. It was the happiest time of their lives.

Until recently. Not a few weeks ago, did she started to doubt herself. To doubt whether was this the right choice that she made. Her feelings for him were no longer the same, no matter what she said.

“Do you still have feelings for me, dear?” he asked.

“Yes I do silly. Don’t be so sensitive.” she retorted back.

“You sure?”

“Yes la…” came the noncommital reply.

Now she wasn’t so sure. Her attitude was changing, and as sure as hell, he had noticed it. But she lacked courage to confront the problem. And so she wallowed in denial…


It had been a happy one month for him. He had the most enjoyable time of his life, even if they didn’t spend enough quality time together. What mattered to him was that she, his darling angel and muse, was by his side. Hovering beside him, watching over him.

Tough as guys were, they still needed their loved ones to mother and care over them. To shower them with love that they need, to stand behind them. To come out of their shells when they need to. Such was the embrace of a loved one. She was his safety harbour, to hide with when troubles seemed too daunting for him, and he wouldn’t even admit it, he thought with chargrin.

But the port authority had made some changes to the rules and regulations that he didn’t know about. No longer did he feel comfortable about harbouring there. It was as if he landed at some foreign land, not at his port of call. Did he arrived at the wrong port? It seemed right to him.

Where was the welcome party? Where was everyone? The port was desolated, reminding him of a morgue. Shivers travelled down his spine. This wasn’t right. Something had changed during the course of two weeks when he was away. And he didn’t know what. It wasn’t even his problem.

Now, she was so cold to him, devoid of emotions. It was like coming back to a stranger. He didn’t know her anymore. And he had no idea what happened either. It was his worst fear come true. Perhaps it was karma.

Shedding all pretense of manhood, he broke down on the dock and cried, helpless like a newborn baby, for the world he had once had abandoned him, and left him in the shadows with nary an explanation…

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