Death Revisited

Different stages in life. Birth, maturity and death. Of these three, the last interests me the most. I find it most fascinating, as I have mentioned it earlier. For the first two, they hold no mystery, no veil covered over it, for countless mortals have been through it.

But it’s different for Death! Tell me, who has been through that stage and yet lived to tell about it? Yes yes, pun intended or not, I really do not care, but you do get what I mean, do you reader? This subject is simply fascinating and amazing. Imagine what lies beyond it, is it hell or heaven? Or is it just nothing at all? Where do mortals go in their afterlives? Is there really such a thing as afterlife? Or do the mortals’ essence simply evaporate into thin air, never again to be seen.

Perhaps it is just the agnostic in me speaking. Sometimes, in the middle of the day, when I’m at a traffic junction, I would wonder what is the feeling like to stand in front of an oncoming bus flying at full speed. Would I fly as well? How would I feel? As if I’m floating like what my beloved said? Or would I be crippled for the rest of my life?

Such macabre thoughts I have. How disturbing.

Your servant

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2 thoughts on “Death Revisited

  1. yep yep it’s really sth tt only we will know when we experience it for ourselves. i think tt’s when everything unfolds; the purpose of our existence and then onto the nx stage (erm, if any). sth so feared of, yet so enlightening.

  2. And let’s hope our next chapter will unfold into something wonderful rather than something dreary. Or is it better not to hold expectations at all, for the more one expect, the harder one falls. And the pain, oh it can be unbearable so…

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