Blessed Be

Two pivotal emotions in a mortal’s life. Happiness and sadness. When could they ever live without them? Was there ever a moment where one was not sad and not happy at all? Perhaps you have experienced it reader, but they are few and far in between. But these two pivotal emotions tend to have different emphasis to mortals, or so I have seen thus far in my short lifespan.

Mortals, a species that tend to take things for granted until they lose it. And happiness no doubt about it, gets the same treatment as well. I have seldom seen a person that goes about counting his or her blessings for each day. Rather, what one sees or hears are complains about this and that.They tend to take note more of moments of dissatisfaction or unhappiness or sadness rather than moments of happiness.

However, it may be that such moments of happiness, of delirious pleasure, are but private moments. Not to be shared with the general domain, but to be kept, like private shows, and enclosed in your celebral organ. Happy moments that you have shared with your lover, with your family. With my beloved especially.

Whatever it may be, I think I would start counting my blessings soon.

Your servant

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4 thoughts on “Blessed Be

  1. perhaps we’ve already forgotten how to express happiness. doesnt the world feel grey everyday, if not for little things tt’ll lift your spirits from the monochrome of life? perhaps we’ve been so dulled and warped by unhappiness everywhere tt we’ve forgotten how or wat happiness is like. yet perhaps it is with e stark contrast of happiness we’ve experienced, tt we begin to dwell too much on unhappiness instead. or perhaps, it is simply because man is juz nv contented with wat he has.

  2. Somehow, it may be that unhappiness always tend to leave an indelible stain on the fabric of the human mind. But for happiness, it is mostly fleeting and transient.

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