Chapter 2

Leaving him with no choice, he then finally decided to take a closer look at the mysterious cocoons hanging in the middle of the cave. On a closer inspection, he found that light was reflected from the material of the cocoons in a myriad of colours. It was like no other he had seen. Where did the light came from, he wondered. Perhaps there was some hole that he might escape out of.

Looking on in awe, he felt all his fears evaporating away. He was no longer frightened. Perhaps he was even anticipating what might come out of a cocoon so humongous in size. It was almost as big as him. His thoughts ran wild. There were endless possibilties. But for now, he was mesmerized by the alien beauty of the cocoons, and thoughts of looking for a way out gradually faded from his mind, willing or unwillingly, he couldn’t tell…

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