Chapter 1

He slept. And he dreamt.

Of a distant land in an age not too far away. Not too far from the place where he was born. A land of similar weather, where summer lasts all year long except for some rain periodically. This land was blistering hot, and water was scarce here. People here were generally not very friendly to each other, in fact sometimes they bordered on being hostile to one another. The people were a crude race. Though they were technologically more advanced, their culture was deteriorating.

But that, was not what he dreamt.

What he dreamt occured in the maze of caves not too far off from this perilous land. He dreamt that he was in this cave, where there were a thousand cocoons hanging all over the caves. He couldn’t judge whether they were borne by what, for he had little knowledge of the insect kingdom whatsoever.

The multitude of cocoons were giving him the creeps. And he began to search for a way out. But no matter where he turned, he always found himself back at the same spot, back to the cavernous hole where the cocoons resided…

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