That is the only word that one could use to describe today, the ushering in of the weekend. Today, we hit a sales figure in the span of 9 hours that we usually hit in the span of 15 hours or thereabouts. From the time I started work, it was non-stop business all the way till late night. Even at 1 am in the morning, we were still filled with customers. It had led us to bemoan the fact that the machine, which churns out drink orders, had never stopped for at least 5 minutes. We were that busy.

Time flew very fast today. In the space of a wink, it was already 11 and time for supper. And my first break of the day, or rather night. After that, we were still slammed by orders! Imagine that! Where did all these people come from? On days that we expected a crowd, a handful would only turn out. On days that are supposed to be quiet, there would be a sudden surge of people swarming all over the cafe. Space is a rare commodity on such occasions.

Nevertheless, the day was still quite rewarding. Very rewarding.

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