Why do mortals hanker after so many things? Why do they desire this and want that? Are their wants never satisfied? When they have obtained this object of desire, most probably, in due time, they would be hankering after another new gadget. A year ago, it may be a PDA. A year after, it may be the sleekest handphones, or the coolest MP3 player. Again the age old question, why are human wants never satiated?

When they are young, they would bawl after toys. Perhaps in their teenage years, they would crave after technological gadgets. Reaching maturity, their objects of desire would morph to big-ticket items, perhaps to show that they are “there” with the crowd. To show the coming of age. When one has a car or a house, or even a family for that matter, one shows that he or she is mature enough, a coming of age for the metropolitan human. In the past, people show their coming of maturity through tattoos. Today, they show it through big ticket items. But even so, it may not necessary be true that they are of maturity. Who can say that some of them do not have rich parents that can obtain those items for them?

Mortals. If what I have is who I am, and what I have is lost, then who am I?

Your servant

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