It was raining again.

He could hear the incessant pitter-pattering of the raindrops falling noisily against the cool asphalt in the dead of the night. The sound, as always, was a double-edged sword to him.

The rain does funny things. Sometimes, it carries him off to another world, where magick rules the world and unicorns dot the landscape. Or to some otherworlds of his imagining. It would never fail to cheer him up. Other times, it would remind him of the heavy burden he carries upon his shoulders. A burden too large for someone his age.

Today, the sound of the rain made him feel at ease, it made him feel that he was one with the world. Not the world that they all know of, the urban jungle of politics and money, where two-legged beings backstab one another for gold and glory. Where the two-legged beings don’t really care about one another but rather they live in a world of their own. Where apathy generally runs free and the two-legged beings don’t bother one another if one doesn’t bother them.

He felt at one with the real world, the real world out there in the wilderness. Where elephants run free, where Nature is still untainted by the touch of Man. Those that you only got to see on documentaries or Animal Planet. Those lands would not remain untainted for long. Wherever Man’s feet landed on some place, the land would change drastically. For the worse. Most species of animals were extinct because of Man, he pondered sadly. In the future, there wouldn’t be a lot of chances of feeling at one with the world anymore. Perhaps what the future generation would see of Nature would be from pre-recorded discs? Woe to Man when that day happens, he mused. Not that he would be alive to see that day, but what of the later generations?

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