Dying Spark

Again another prolonged period of absence. My apologies for I have been rather busy of late, what with work and all. And the way I see it, things are not going to change for the better any time soon.

I could never imagine myself saying this, but I am getting tired. Getting tired of writing in fact. A horrendous reality. It is becoming more and more of a chore to me. The fire is gradually dying out, being smothered by more mundane and materialistic pursuits. I am only learning and yet, I face such straits. How could one ever hope to elevate oneself to a higher level? Perhaps I would have to undergo a formal course. For I am yet untrained as such.

And so it is the same with relationships. The magickal spark between two mortals that keep the passion alive. With the passing of time, it may gradually get buried by mundane and materialistic pursuits as well. In the mortals’ chase for glory and gold, they may take on different paths to their goals, and therefore, widening the crevasse between them. Maintain the spark, let not the flame die, and you would live to see the sweet fruits of your labour. Let the mortals beware.

Even now, tiredness swamps me over like the night that falls upon the land. Perhaps I should rest for now. A longer journey ahead awaits.

Your servant

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