Ah, I see that you are here waiting for me in the lounge again. And you even got the fire started, bless your soul young man. Though it’s but a corporeal comfort to me, I thank you nevertheless. Have you break fast yet? Oh my apologies, I presumed that you were nocturne as well. How presumptuous of me.

Let me tell you something. Just lend me your ears for this moment, and mayhap you will hear the continuation of the story very soon. But first, let me ask you this question. What do you think of Death? Do you have any thoughts on that? Do you fear it? Or are you rather nonchalant about it?

What?! You don’t know? Go and think about it then while I tell you something about Death that few mortals are aware of. Or rather the process after Death. Firstly, I presume one’s beliefs would affect the meaning of Death right? For starters, I think Death would make a fine gentleman. Don’t you think so? He looks absolutely gorgeous when I first saw him. Pale porcelain skin, so pale that one could almost see the jade-green veins underneath. I always have wondered why he need veins for. Do you think he has blood in him as well? What colour would it be then? Or is it part of his masquerade? His features, ah, he looked like Lucifer himself. It must be sinful to allow a person to possess such beauty. And his clothes! He always looked like someone out from the Medieval Ages, those times of seneschals and lords. Seeing him always made my heart stopped beating.

Don’t peer so hard, its considered rude to stare at a person like that. I am not inclined towards my own sex, if that’s what you are thinking. No worries on that count at all. But it’s just this fascination with Death! Have you ever wondered what comes after? Would it be bliss? Or hell? I supposed I am already destined for hell, but no harm in thinking about heaven, is there? Tell me, reader, why do people mourn for the dead? Supposedly they are in a better place than this terra firma already, why do people still shed tears? Is mourning not more of a closure for the living to come to acceptance rather than for the dead? Are they rites to show that one cares for the passed? Aren’t there any other ways of showing such care and concern at all? It’s all rather drab to me. Oh yes, I see the irony in my words. I’m rather drab and melancholic as well you say. But that is my nature you see! Since when have I been a happy-go-lucky being to you? Never right?

It just sends me laughing, reader, of how people say that melancholics don’t do well in a relationship. They say that two melancholics, or pessimists, or two negatives, would tend to have a self-fulfilling prophecy in their relationship, with each other’s moods affecting them, thus dragging them down into oblivion. Ah well, I think I could prove that wrong. But it still tickles me that some people think the way they think. How very amusing. Oh my, I think I am going on and on. Perhaps I should go and break fast. After all, it is two in the afternoon. Care to join me?

Your servant

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4 thoughts on “Digression

  1. buena diaz aristocrat. Thanks for sharing your breakfast session.

    I find Death by no means is a gentleman.
    He robs life from all beings in the deep of the night or the wees of the morning.
    He extinguishes the spark in every flicker of light.
    He is not a gentleman.

    He stabs dreams at their manifestation.
    He clenches hearts in his fist till they grief.
    He is not a gentleman.

    He forces tears out of hopeful eyes.
    He tears down faith and leave all crippled.
    He is not a gentleman.

    Sleazy Malicious Unscrupulous
    He ought to crawl out of the way.

  2. He sure is a gentleman.

    Who is to say that he robs the life if life after death is even more glorious than life before it? And therefore, the spark that you mention of becomes brighter.

    They grief. But it is only the living that grief. As said, dying is easy for the dead, but difficult for those living.

    Have faith. But not in the length of life. Rather, in the intensity of life, in the meaningfulness. of life.

    And if he crawls out of the way, wherefore will all the people go to>

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