Heaven on Earth and Hell After That

Once they said, they all said
Live your life by the Ten Commandments
And the Holy Scriptures
And no less and you shall be
Promised a place high above the sky
In a land called Heaven
That was what they said and that was what he did

But years later, many years later
He had discovered
That following what they said
Simply made life on Earth unbearable
It was as if Hell
Was transplanted to Earth
No this and no that
It was simply no all the way

And one fine day, he broke a Commandment
And he discovered this thing called pleasure
So it became, as decreed
That one by one
All Commandments were broken
One after another

Much to his chagrin
He discovered that it was
Pretty much Heaven after that
No longer was it hellish for him
And Hell-o became meaningless
He even thought that
Heaven on Earth does not
Guarantee you a place
Up there with the Lord

But what he did not know yet
Was that for life to become Heaven on Earth
Would necessarily make Life after Earth
Hell to be in
As Heaven becomes denied to him
But as they say
What he did not know
Would not kill him

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4 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth and Hell After That

  1. Isn’t it all? Those who thinks that life on Earth is heavenly perhaps are already destined for a path to Hell.

    But who am I to judge them when I am but a sinner as well? Sinners don’t judge sinners, for my heart is impure and am not yet worthy.

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