Death: A Fine Gentleman

Let us toast to this gentleman
Clothed in the most glorious white finery
Of lace and silk and tailcoats to boot
A wig of curls and an air of aristocracy
Click your heels and drop two shillings
Upon the table right smack in the middle
Leave it there for the buxomy wench
Who brings you your mead and your lunch
Who is this person who blinds us so
Squint with our eyes we much adore
The ladies drool un’bashedly
While the gentlemanly turn green with envy
Cover his face with a silk hanky
Let not they corrupt with their mor’ality
Or perhaps stain black his white finery
Upon the strike of twelve he took his leave
Out from the pool of orgy and sins
Where lust is revelled and sobriety is sin
Heavy with disgust but grinning with glee
A step out from the world and back into his
In a wink now you don’t see
He discards his mask to perform the task
Out from the silk comes the blinding white scythe
Grinning like a demon from teeth to teeth
For his harvest as ready as ever
Poor old fools he has come to claim
Scalps young and old he doesn’t care
As long as he has his lion’s share
Go ahead and take the path you seek
As long as you’re sure it doesn’t lie in his steed
Do that and pray you will be
Cast askance by the eyes of him

Edit: The madness has gotten to me again. Another piece of mediocre writing. Bon Appetit.

Your servant

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