Caught in Between

Ears muffled the head bent in thought
Music plays gently from within
Soothing tones of Overture
Calming chaomile to fraye nerves
Lingering ever so slightly
On the tenterhooks of insanity

Lost in his paperweight world
Turn it over on its bot’m
Where it always snows and all is bright
The sun n’vr sets and ecstasy is
Always the soup ‘o day

Unable to confront the cold reality
In the snowing world of his
Of languorous laughter mixed with dark despair
Happiness that was once within his reach
Just at that very tip

Of his fingers it was long
And they said he was not a he
Now it has taken root
Deep in the dungeons of the heart

O what is salvation
Pray thee tell!
Enlighten if you are able
Obnoxious ‘n insufferable stranger
By that doorway e’vr do you linger
Looking entralled in someone’s bastardly

Like a boa constrictor it tightens
A stranglehold on its victims in an instant
No allowances for any weakness

He had shown fear in the face of the predator
And thus became
Its prey?
One of the many, strange faces in a crowd
And received its gift.

P.S.: An unusual deviation from what I write. At my very worst I believe. I have said, I am mad. Stark raving mad.

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