Greetings my dear readers. How have you been these past few days? Well, I hope. Pardon my brief hiatus, for a promise was made that I shalt not step upon these tomes whilst the war was upon us. Or at least, till the Fifth Day of the week. And I have fulfilled it. Till the strike of 12, the promise shalt be considered null and void. And I would have discharged this obligation.

And the war, praise thee, is but almost over. My Beloved Lady, I do pray that she is doing well, for long has the day passed that we have laid eyes upon each other. The lass, the one shining light in this dark world of mine. For all the time that Lady Luck has turned her back upon me, snobbing my kind, Fate has took pity on me and embraced me. And so I am blessed, to have her as my Beloved.

Thus far, I have made some minor changes to this humble tomes of mine, and sadly in the process, I have to desert my old counter for another, losing about 2000 hits in the process. Sad, but tis a necessary measure as it was slowing down the loading time of this page.

Motivation. Sadly again, one does find that mortals need a lot of motivation to do things that they don’t like to do. Tis a bit tautological, as one don’t usually do things that they don’t like. But by the will of Necessity and the powers that be, one sees that humans are forced to scurry around like rats. Or lapdogs. Hypocrites, all of them. I see you saying, isn’t that a generalisation? Let me then show you another view. As one knows, there are many perceptions of looking at things. All mortals are hypocrites. That is the statement of generalisation right? Let me add one more sentence to it, All mortals are hypocrites but some are not. Now do you get it my pretty fellow? Pardon me, I digress again. I am not myself these past few days.

Why do they all indulge in their academic pursuits? For materialistic purposes, what else? Sometimes one such as me does wish that we would have enough bravado or foolishness, if you will, to abandon all such meaningless pursuits, and to go after your dreams. Satisfy your wanderlust. And leave me be, stuck alone in this period of idiocy, the creation of some mad hermit. No doubt, I am mad too, but this crude measurement, this crude yardstick of life is beyond bearable.

I could go on and on, about the perils of society, the perils of being human. But alas, Time is short of shrift. And I have to bid a hasty farewell here.

Au revoir.

May the Darkness be with you.

Your servant

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