There seems to be more and more problems with Blogger nowadays. Some things just refuse to load, or my archives would load slowly more than usual and my counter refused to load What is happening? Methinks tis time to switch to another site. Liquidblade always looks quite enticing, but the ability to handle WordPress is but still beyond me.

Blogging. Has it become another fad? Day by day, one seems more and more teenagers, uncles, aunties and scum of the society setting up blogs. Scum of the society. It utterly disgusts me to chance upon their blogs, by no means of coincidence or so. There are still some people out there who I would give a chance just to have their heads take a little hiatus from their necks.

But I digress.

The quality of blogging has thus far, decreased noticeably. With more and more cotton-headed mortals delving into this realm, the corruption is almost unbearable. Day by day, as I passed numerous tomes, I see accounts of their daily events in teenspeak, if there were ever such a term. It irritates the hell out of me. Make that heaven. So does that leave me in Hell? One wonders.

Blogging. Not to say one such as me is against it in all its entirety or whatsover, but one can’t help but lament the fact that humans have stooped to such voyueristic levels. Now now, don’t refute me with your dictionary.com definition of voyuer. It is something along the line of sexuality right? Who is to say definitions can’t change? Language is always adaptive to the society. Speak to Guinvere of mouse, and she would be under the impression of a four-legged furry rodent instead of the wireless mouse that humans are familiar with today. And so, who is to say that voyueristic cannot be defined as an interest in other people’s personal lives and their day to day happenings?

Again, I can hear you saying, But they posted it online?!! If they don’t wish for people to peek into their lives, they can don’t do so. Right? And to that, I say wrong. Fundamentally, it is oft-heard, two wrongs does not a right make. If the thief were to rob you, and you kill the thief for doing so, would the law acquit you of manslaughter? Depending on circumstances, I say no.

What do you have to say to that, lowly mortals?

Your servant

On a much more pleasant note, congratulations to the recruits from Jaguar ‘03 for having ORDed and those who are going to. One hopes that you have learnt something useful in BMT and it is not all for naught. Take care and good luck in your journey of life.

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