Personas. Do we not all exist beneath a mask? Do we not all hide behind this masquerade of life? Each one wears his own mask, glossing over the true personality of the person. To different people, you present different versions of the Self. To your family, the soft and docile child, willing to study law, to your friends, perhaps you are the frivolous one, the pseudo-rebel. Or the one with the most diabolical ideas. But do you really know yourself, my dear reader?

Have you ever really considered who you are? Are you doing what you want to do instead of following the pull of the puppeteer above? Dancing along to every jerk of the string. Follow your own heart and do what you desire, for society is but a useless machination for the rich and powerful. Whatever they want, they will point you in that direction.

We are all just pawns.

Your servant

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