lessons learnt

This post has been removed. For the brief period, who hast seen it, a lament of an unworthy soul. But here, we move on to happier things. Lesson learnt yesterday.

Lesson No. 1 : Do not run in the rain. Even if you want to run in the rain. Don’t.

Simple right? Yeah, I did that, and almost came down with a cold. Looks like some troubles aren’t meant to be washed away after all. But it was a good time. I almost felt I was back in army. Oh god.

Lesson No. 2 : Don’t drink pineapple syrup after you finished running

Or you will get a dreadful stomachache, in which no number of visits to the toilet would help. I committed the sin again, and it distracted me from my duties for a few long hours.

That’s all for now. Early in the morning. Damnation.


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2 thoughts on “lessons learnt

  1. Hounds dead by my blade? *cringes* I think not. Rather, shreds of flesh must have been stuck between their incisors and canines….by now.

    Fully understood your intentions…a good way to engender trust and support i must say.

    Well…intend to start weaving my own personal web and blog soon…as fast as i can recover from the inertia holding me back. But, alas! I have been stuck in the tangle of web jargon so far, and unable to proceed. I beseech your assistance, in this aspect.

    Running in the rain? *chuckles* I did something faintly like that before…instead of running, just stood outside and feel nature’s fury, pouring, washing down…a good stress reliver, I must add 🙂 Ah…the good ol’ days.

    As for your pineapple syrup incident…its got more to do with your pineapple syrup being contaminated…anyway, a dose of lomotil and activated carbon should do the trick!

    Last but not least, I wish you have the best of luck during your upcoming exams.

  2. Hmm, at the very least, I do hope that you have done some damage to those critters.

    One does his best where one can, that is all I can say, melancholic *smiles*

    Entangled in the web jargon? It would be my pleasure to help, but first, have you decided on which blog you want to use? There is a multitude of blogs out there, and those that I know of are blogger.com (which is this), xanga.com, blogsome(I think), and others like liquidblade.com. I profess that those I mention with the exception of liquidblade, tends to lean more towards beginners. I for one, have no idea how to use liquidblade. But their layout is quite neat and nice I see. Take a look at cowboy caleb’s link under terra firma.

    After you have chosen, let me know what problems you face.

    And well, regarding the pineapple accident, it was just a writer’s persona getting carried away my friend. The urge to exaggerate things was a bit too tempting to resist. I’m perfectly alright, thanks for your concern.

    Thank you. I do sure need Lady Luck now. And thanks for reading again. 🙂

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