It has been a long time, a long time since the Night felt so serene and full of sorrow. One of my life’s greatest regrets is that I have never learnt to play the piano. The consoling melody of it, always emanating sorrow, feelings that I could emote to. And perhaps do a little bit of composing as well. But that’s just that. A dream. And nothing more.

Tonight, or rather this morning, I think I would need the melody of a pianoforte even more. The irregularities need to be soothe by this invisible hand of Taliesen, Patron of Druids, Bards and Minstrels. Prince of Song, you being a poet in your mortal life, do you not have any sympathy for us of high emote? Play to me Prince, bewitch me with your unearthly tunes from your celestial lute. Perhaps you have tuned us way beyond the limits for such a mortal life, my laird. I dare not question, but to meekly say, Was there an error?

Anubis, Judge of the Dead. Your servant has come forth, prostrate at your altar. Weigh me against the feather of Maat, and see if my soul is as light, or else condemn me and feed me to Ammit.

I await your judgement Lord.

Your servant

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