A Life At Stake

Thy foul deed
Already done
Behind his back
Like a hard knife stab

A twist of fate
A twist of words
Integrity recalled
Witness the fall

Topple from grace
Thy perch above
Doubt shadows his face

Questions all around
The unforgiving crowd
Bays for his blood
Asks for his heart

A pound of flesh they cried
Not unlike the Shakespeare he read
Where could he find
A pound and not yet die?

How sweet they sound
To their own ears
His pleas it fell, blinded by fear
On much deaf ears

Sentenced to death
Pronounced the judge
“No!” a voice cried
A solitary voice of light

Be the fair maiden
Of his dreams
“Come no nearer!” he pleads
“Lest harm itself befallst thee!”

Leave Milady, please leave!
They punish me for my innocence
But let me be-
Let no evildoer come near thee!


First part of a series my dear reader, let’s pray that I have enough conviction to finish them all, not to mention time.


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