Dear readers,

Again, apologies to have been keeping you in the dark for so long. Time is no longer merciful methinks. She is such a horrible mistress to have. Don’t you agree reader? Don’t just keep nodding your thick head

And Milady, ah, how sweet a distraction is she. Such a bundle of energy and delight to behold, that thoust darkness have been driven back to the shadows. And the feeling that encircles the heart, a happiness that borders so close to pain.

Milady, I thank you for stepping into the dark doors of this poor house, setting your lovely eyes upon this lowly creature that does not deserve of such. You lift the poor servant’s spirits, do you not know? You wouldst become the crutch of tis snuff of life without even realisation I believe.

Too much has been said about my servant, and too little time is left Milady. Do your lord a favour, and bequeath him with your glaze that he so deserves. Meanwhile, I have to retreat back to my tomes. Pardon me Milady, make yourself at home please.


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