A Train Ride

In some ways, he felt that having a long train ride was advantageous. In the beginning, he was rather grumpy about it, having had to spend at least one-eight of the day traveling to and fro just for a few insignificant hours of academic pursuits. Oxymoronic isn’t it? How could academic pursuits be insignificant? But gradually, he was getting used to it. Firstly, it gave him time to catch up on some readings that he wasn’t able to fit into his normal nocturnal schedule. Secondly, it gave him time for reflection. Not that he needed much reflection. After all, if he was going to “reflect”, there would at least be a few hundred ways that needed accounting for. Nah, not reflection. Perhaps thoughts. Yes, random thoughts maybe.

And it was the latter that he was doing now, traveling in the darkness of the tunnel away from the bright glare of the ferocious sunlight. A mild irritant, but still tolerable. He relaxed himself, going into a state of meditation by reflex that he didn’t even realize it. Soon, he was not on the train. He was flying among the stars, breezing through the galaxy, looking for his mentor Red Tiny Whale. It was under his tutelage that he had learnt these tricks. Them Native Indians had a flair for oxymorons. Tiny Whale, he chuckled to himself. Who in the hell was going to believe that?

He was going through the archives of his thoughts the past few days. It had been tumultuous though not unkind. Things were happening to him that he couldn’t bring himself to believe. Perhaps instinctively, though his gene map had changed, deep down inside, he was still a human. Still prey to human foibles. He would only hope that he was strong enough to turn that weakness into his strength.

Something struck him out of the blue whilst he was thinking. All men are evil. It was the most oft-heard phrase he had came across. To him, it sounded much like a sweeping statement. To say that the entire male species was evil was presumptuous. There has to be at least one good soul out there. But as the time he spent on terra firma progressed, his thinking had begun to changed, for the better or worse, he didn’t really know. Perhaps there was fact in the statement after all. He had seen one male after another, subverting others to their own pleasures or making use of them. Perhaps the victims were gullible. Perhaps they weren’t. It didn’t really matter. He had felt rather helpless, like a newborn babe, after that statement was repeated by others not acquainted with one another. The world was beginning to look like a bleak place to leave in. Maybe for the male species of homo sapiens. These deviants deserve to be wiped out. He should have done that, but he had promised not to interfere in the homo sapiens’ lives and just be there as a non-participant. But they were sullying his kind! How could he be still and let that happen?

At least, to his knowledge, there were at least some males that didn’t deserve to have a place in this great weave of life. He should speak to the Weaver some time about her balance of things. Apparently, old age was getting to her.

On a last note, perhaps thinking on the train wasn’t that good an idea. He had just missed his stop again.

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5 thoughts on “A Train Ride

  1. Dear Sir,

    Good day. I am jiawei, one of your recruit when you were PC at BMTC jaguar coy…

    Sir, i am very sorry that i have to write this message here, got your website from one of the specs. i noe it is not very nice to do this.

    Sir, our platoon is going to ORD within the end of the month and hope that you can join us for a platoon outing. i hope it is ok wif you, sir.

    thank you Sir!

  2. Hmm, from which sergeant did you get this website from? I don’t ever remember giving it to anyone. =) Anyway, when is it? I’ll be having my exams near the end of this month though but I’ll try to make it 🙂


  3. Dear Sir,

    Sorry for being late. The outing will be set on wednesday 27 april, at 6pm at sakae sushi, suntec.

    Do you have MSN? mine is geradteo@hotmail.com, you can add me on MSN 2.

    Sir, thank you very much for making a difference in our lives.

    many thanks!

  4. Dude. Stop calling me sir man. You can call whatever you want. But not sir ok??

    I can’t make it on the 27th as I have papers on the 28th ah. You guys go ahead and enjoy yourself ok? Call me out another day when you all are free or what can?

    Yup. I already added you on MSN. ahq@outblaze.net.

    Ah man, what difference did I make? Not much la, just hoped that you all learnt something =)

    And oh, best wishes in your life after army! Congrats!


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