Ah well my dear readers, sorry for the prolonged hiatus from this sorry tomes of mine. Time, I’m afraid, hasn’t been too kind on me. And I have milady that constantly distracts my attention from this very enterprise. Not that it’s bad of course. But ah well, distracting indeed, a very ‘pleasant’ distraction.

And thank you for all your kind comments here my readers. You have been too kind. Alas, I sense that Cerebus is catching up with me again despite the headway I have made and perhaps, just perhaps, another hiatus is needed. Just for a few weeks.

Some things had happened that perhaps was beyond even one’s control. My integrity was questioned. And how disheartening was that. I cannot even imagine that it would happen, and it has cast a gray dull pall upon some people that I know of. Rumors. How dangerous words are. How mortals like to spend their time dwelling on things that they see in front of them, and not the substance that lies beneath. Materialistic stereotypical fools. Some of them at least. Let not my temper rage, for tis already bubbling in the cauldron of fire. And by the way one sees it, tis going to runneth over very soon. Mortals. Irritating pests. My fingers yearn to squeeze the life out of some of them.

They say we are very tolerant of others. I’m afraid those so-called experts on us are wrong. Terribly wrong. At least on me for that matter. I am not tolerant. Cross my line, and earn my enmity forever. And if you earn my trust, you have my eternal brotherhood as well.

And some people, are bordering on crossing my line. Even if they don’t know it.

Ave Maria.

Your servant

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2 thoughts on “Apologia

  1. wooOhh… “integrity questioned”. What pushed you to that vulnerable spot my friend? Is there a way to polish those dirt covered rocks to reveal their true encarvings? I guess it is better to resolve a misunderstanding then to let it turn mouldy by leaving it unattended. And in the end, resulting in bacteria eating up your life into bitterness…

  2. Sorry for the late reply Byzantine, seems like the blogger comments don’t really like to work. Anyway, its over already. It’s just other people’s perceptions. There are a 1001 opinions out there, and one can’t change them all. So might as well just do your best.

    Yours truly–>

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