Declaration of love

Some things I’m considering whether to post it here. It’s kinda a bit outta taste, but we have to applaud this guy who is so courageous, and the NUS lecturer who is doing his part as a Singaporean citizen to promote Love Singapore.

Yes a bit crass I know my dear readers. I’m ready for the tomatoes.

Here goes. Fast forward to 57th minute.

NUS Lecture Webcast 29 Mar

Your servant

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5 thoughts on “Declaration of love

  1. Ahh.. I missed you. The simple fruit landed and slid down along the stark white wall instead.

    Is that guy a Singaporean? My take would be that he’s not. A normal rational local guy will first count the cost and question the outcome before even stepping out. Most of the time, he’s actions will be deterred by it. Anyway, I do applaud his courage.

  2. Lol, byzantine. Apparently you were under the influence of your painkillers it seems. It’s stated NUS on my link. And it’s from the Engineering Fac, to which my friend was inside the lecture.

    Courageous yes. Correct thing to do for someone he likes? Debatable.

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